Driver CPC training UK – lorry CPC periodic courses 35 hours

We cordially invite you to take part in driver CPC training in the UK. The lorry CPC periodic courses end up with a Certificate of Professional Competence and are carried out periodically.

As technology and industry evolve and road safety requirements increase, professional drivers are expected to have increasingly high and diverse professional qualifications. To this end, a CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) has been introduced for professional drivers throughout the European Union. The rights shall be periodically renewed on the basis of specific training relating to road safety and the upgrading of the professional competence of drivers.

Professional drivers who obtained a driving licence for category D in Poland or another EU country before 10. 09. 2008 or for category C before 10. 09. 2009 have a temporary certificate of professional competence based on the so-called aquired rights. If you are in this driver group and want to continue working, you must have received 35 hours of periodic training. You will be issued with a Driver Qualification Card (DQC) after you have completed the training.

Remember, you are not allowed to drive professionally unless you have a DQC card with you. In the event of a roadside check and if you do not carry it with you, you will be fined. If you are found not to have a licence because you have not attended a training course, the penalty will be more severe, including the loss of your licence to practise. Our CPC hens are run on the basis of the highest quality vehicles and fully qualified instructors.