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We invite you to enroll in one of our lorry driver training courses. Our lorry driving instructor in Northwich can help you complete either a HGV driving licence course or LGV course in the UK. 

A HGV or LGV driving licence course, will entitle you to drive a motor vehicle with a maximum permissible laden weight of more than 7.5t, so you will be able to drive any lorry above a DMC of 7. 5t.

Our LGV & HGV driving licence courses courses are popular amongst students from: Manchester, Atherton, Stockport, Atherton, Stretford, Bolton, Bury, Rochdale, Leigh, Blackburn, Preston, Burnley, Warrington, Wigan, Huddersfield, Macclesfield and other locations in the UK.

In order for you to apply for a provisional licence you must be at least 17 years and 9 months old, and to start a driving course you must be at least 18 years old.

What do I need before I can start my lorry driver training in Northwich?

You must apply for a temporary category C driving licence before you can start your course:

  • D2 Temporary Driving Licence Application Form – https://forms.dft.gov.uk/order-dvla-forms/
  • Form D4 Medical examination application

If you have a Polish or other driving licence you will need also:

  • One passport photo;
  • Wait for £50 or pay by postal order. The proof of payment must be placed in the envelope;
  • Identity card, passport, or ID card;

PLEASE NOTE! Before sending your documents, please copy everything in case you lose your documents!

Truck driver training for Northwich customers:

Theoretical part

It consists of three exams:

Test wyboru (multiple-choice)

  • It consists of 100 questions, for which you have 115 minutes. There may be one or more correct answers to the questions, and the number of correct answers will be shown on the screen. You can answer the questions in any order you like, by selecting the questions you want to return to later.

To pass the selection test you need to answer 85 out of 100 questions correctly.

Hazard perception

  • The second part concerns the ability to see risks on the road (perceptron gambling) and lasts 40 minutes. It consists of 19 films, during which a maximum of 100 points can be scored.

During gambling perception you will watch 19 short films with dangerous situations on the road. In 18 films one threat will be shown and in 1 film two threats will be shown. Your task will be to react quickly to an evolving threat, and it is important to react in a timely manner. The score depends on how long you react to the developing danger.

Please note that all videos will only be shown once and you cannot repeat the presentation or correct your previous decision. You can get a maximum of 100 points, so you can get 5 points from any threat situation.

In order to get a positive mark on your gambling perception you need to score a minimum of 67 points.

Case study

A case study takes 90 minutes to answer questions about seven selected situations on the road.

The user has at his disposal a mouse, a keyboard and a touch screen of a computer, on which the following are displayed: text describing a given situation (left side) and questions or commands (right side). Depending on the situation, this may be the case:

  • Text of the question and proposed answers. You must tick the appropriate answer (one or more);
  • Text of the question and a picture or sketch of where the question should be marked with the mouse;
  • Text of the question, proposed answers and a bar with buttons for the soundplayer. When you click the “play” button, the recording is shown. Afterthe hearing, tick the appropriate answer(s);

To pass the exam you must have obtained at least 40 out of 50 points.


Practical exam:

At the beginning of the exam, you must answer five questions to determine whether you are able to properly assess the condition of the vehicle you will be driving in – that is, whether it is in working order, ready to drive and safe for the driver and other road users.

Any incorrect answer shall be treated as a driving error. At this stage four such mistakes are made, the fifth is treated as serious and as such disqualifies the examinee.

You will be asked to perform various manoeuvres while driving. Remember -the examiner must make sure that you are driving safely and correctly. So you need to be able to communicate in English, the highway code, and be able to apply it in real life driving situations.

When driving, the examiner tells you well in advance which direction the examiner should take. The test trails are designed to cover the different typical conditions you may encounter on the road.

Maneuver on the square

Reverse to a bay on the S-shaped track.

When you have completed the ride, the examiner will tell you if this part of the exam has been passed. You can ask him how he has passed the exam. Then the examiner will discuss everything that happened while driving.

Note: If you make one serious or unsafemistake, the skill test will not be passed.

We also invite you to enroll for courses in passenger cars. Driving lessons in England are taught by an experienced instructor.

What other driving lesson courses do our lorry driving instructors offer?

Other driving licence courses we offer:

  • Passenger car B training courses,
  • B+E caravan/towing training,
  • C1 (LGV class 2) training,
  • C+E (LGV1) licence driver training
  • Driver CPC training course
  • CPC renewal courses
  • CPC module 4 training course
  • NVT CPC (National Vocational Training)
  • Forklift training courses
  • LGV Training
  • LGV 1 Training
  • LGV 2 Training
  • HGV 1 Training
  • HGV 2 Training

Local driving school lessons near Northwich

Northwich is a town and civil parish in the unitary authority of Cheshire West and Chester and the ceremonial county of Cheshire, England. Some top sights to see in Northwich include the Anderton Boat Lift, the Weaver Hall Museum, Lion Salt Works and others.

Many of our customers come from the town Northwich.  This town is part of the Cheshire county and is only 24 km south of Warrington (our headquarters). We welcome any one from Northwich who is interested in becoming a truck driver as we offer excellent priced lorry driving training, that will make it worth the short trip.

We also welcome customers from smaller towns surrounding Northwich such as Hartford, Weaverham, Rudheath, Daveham, Anderton, Barnton and others.

Northwich UK - truck driving school

What is the price of professional driving lessons at driving school near Northwich?

For accurate prices on hiring our lorry driver instructors, please contact us via phone or email. Our customer service team will be happy to help you.

What is the price of truck driver training?

For accurate prices on our truck driver training program or any of our other driving lessons click TRUCK DRIVER SCHOOL IN NORTHWICH to be re-directed to our price guide.

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