LGV1 C+E training course UK – HGV driver Class 1 licence test

If you have an LGV2 (C) driving licence (formerly known as HGV Class 1 licence) and would like to upgrade your skills to the next LGV1 category of lorry with a trailer or semi-trailer (LGV C+E), nothing is difficult. Even if your English is weak it is possible to pass the practical exam in English.

Our truck driving school is popular amongst students from: Manchester, Atherton, Stockport, Atherton, Stretford, Bolton, Bury, Rochdale, Leigh, Blackburn, Preston, Burnley, Warrington, Wigan, Huddersfield, Macclesfield and other locations in the UK

Our instructors will prepare you so that you can take part in the training course and pass the practical exam with confidence. The Driving School also works with driver employment agencies across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to help students find new jobs on the LGV1.

If you have a Polish driving licence and you need to exchange it for an English driving licence before starting the training, you will need to fill in a D2 form.

D2 form for the exchange of driving licence – DOWNLOAD

You will also need to exchange your driving licence:

  • one passport photo.
  • cheque for £43 or pay by postal order. The proof of payment must be placed in the envelope.
  • identity card passport or ID card.

PLEASE REMEMBER! Before sending your documents, please copy everything in case you lose your documents!

The LGV1 consists of a practical test:

  • say-show questions,
  • grafting and uncoupling of the tractor with semi-trailer,
  • Reversing into a bay on the S-shaped track,
  • hours of urban travel,

Uncoupling the trailer:

  • apply the brake on the semi trailer,
  • lower legs,
  • disconnect the cables,
  • open the saddle,
  • drain the rear bridge,

Park the tractor parallel to the trailer.

Coupling the tractor to a semi-trailer:

  • drive the tractor up to a semi-trailer approx. 1. 5 m and check three things:
  • that the saddle is open,
  • the level of the semi-trailer fifth wheel coupling,
  • hand brake on the semi-trailer
  • then drive under the semi-trailer withthe saddle and level the rear bridge,
  • jam with the saddle,
  • pull forwards twice,
  • check whether the lock has closed andattach the lock,
  • connect the cables,
  • raise the legs,
  • press the brake on the semi-trailer,
  • check the lights,